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Model Safety

The modelling world can be dangerous. While the advice below is comprehensive look on the net for more information.

Personal Safety and Security:

There arecertain people who appear to be who they say they are and appear friendly and professional but who prey on young people who are naive, vulnerable and desperate to get into modelling. Go with how you feel, if it does not feel right, then it more than likely isn't. However, if it does feel right, that does not necessarily mean that it is.

Always ask for referencesof a photographer before taking a shoot and follow them up. It is quite acceptable to message other models that the photographer has worked with and ask them for their confidential opinions and experiences of, working with the photographer.

Always let other people know where you are going, who you are doing the shoot with, leave contact details and what time you expect to be back. You should ring someone when you get to the shoot location and ring them when you leave. Tell the person who you will be ringing what time to expect your call, and if they don’t receive it, then they should call you.

The location of the shoot should be known well in advance as should all the details of the shoot. If the location shopuld changeat the very last moment, be very suspicious, especially if you are alone. The client may be trying to get you to a spot where no one knows your whereabouts.

Be secure, do not get in a car with an agent or photographer unless you know them well. Use a licensed taxi.

Never accept work off anyone if they do not provide full details of who they are, i.e., their address and their land line number. You must be sure they are genuine and reputable. Check out their website information, facebook etc.

If a photographer requests your email address then use a throwaway account such as yahoo or hotmail, but try to keep shoot communications to the internal messaging system so that Moderators have a verifiable record if things go wrong.

Never put your email address or phone number on your profile or anywhere in the forum, aside from stopping a lot of spam, it will hinder troublemakers from contacting you, if anyone needs to contact you they can do so through the private messaging system on the site.