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Model Release

A model release form is required to be completed on a photo shoot if no contract exists between model and photographer.

What is a Model Release?

A model release, is a legal document signed by the model and photographer. The legal rights are subject to the terms of the release.

Publishing a photograph of an identifiable person with out a model release signed by that person can result in civil liability. In the UK, there are exceptions to this if the photograph was taken and used for editorial purposes.

It is rarely the photographer that publishes a photo, more usually an agency, publishing house or company that commissioned the photo by the photographer.

However, for a photographer to be able to offer a photograph or electronic version of it, for sale, he/she MUST have a model release signed by the subject, which will accompany the image when it is sold to the publishing concern. Usually, all that is required is the photographer confirm to the publisher that he/she has a signed model release. Information about the model is not usually passed on to the Publisher of the image.