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Modeling clothes at a fashion show, walking down a raised platform or “runway” Models are usually tall and thin.

This is also sometimes called 'catwalk'. There is not always a runway, sometimes it is just walking through rows of seats turning as required to show of the garment worn.

Quick turn arounds are required and the model needs to get into the next garment quickly. This is normally in a shared dressing room or area behind the scenes. Often this means stripping down too some degree of nudity and this may be in area where clients, photographers etc may be passing through or working.

There is no room to show personality here it is to use the garment to the viewers only.

Different walks are used for different types of shows, High end is really lifting the knees, whereas more local shows are fun and there is a different way to walk. Beauty pageant really need to show the girl more.

Girls of 5'9" are required for the high end shows