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General Advice

It is possible to obtain photographs for your portfolio and website use on a TF basis (time for CD or time for prints) from photographers many of whom advertise on sites such as Models can sign up to these sites and advertise themselves in the hope of being booked for shoots. This can be a good way of building up some pictures. You can also be paid for doing this, bear in mind that although you are being paid you are not a professional in the eyes of the industry unless you are being printed in the media. There are other advantages to being on these sites, getting references from photographers, being able to see photographers work and that of models, you can contact models for advice or information regarding photographers they have worked with.

Whether being paid or doing a TF shoot consider what the photographer is looking for in the photographs, where will he use them, are they for profit? Often they will just be for his/her portfolio and net use. Photographers may book you for a shoot just because of the way you look or wants the experience of shooting you.

Remember getting one wow shot is worth a lot of average ones.

It can be hard to get a wow shot and not every shoot will provide one, it is not usually until towards the end of a shoot that they crop up although there is always the exception. There is often more chance on the second shoot with the same person.

Your portfolio is not just a collection of pictures but needs to really represent you in the best way possible. This is true for photographers too, they wil only include the best shots in their portfolios and on the net for the same reasons, they want to be seen in the best light possible to draw business to them.

When choosing a photographer to approach to take your photographs surely you will look for those with really good pictures to show.

You can always approach those photographers that you like and ask if there is any chance of a TF shoot with them. Some will be happy to do this but often professionals who have been in the business a while may not think they should spend time with someone especially if they are just starting out unless there is a chance it would be good for their portfolio.

Being in front of a camera on a set for the first time can be intimidating lots of models get nervous before a shoot, this is to be expected and is normal. If you are new to it pulling a pose can seem awkward, there is no need to be concerned, the photographer would give direction and ensure everything is fine before taking the picture. Look on the net and in magazines for ideas and don't be afraid to ask what looks good.

Even on the best shoots inspiration can dry up and it can be good to have some clippings or magazines to use to draw ideas from which can then be expanded upon.

When shooting on location take care to ensure you know enough about the photographer to feel safe, also permission may need to be obtained to use the area. This is especially true if any kind of nudity is required. This is the photographers responsibility but the question may need to be asked. Health and safety has to be taken into account and again this is the photographers responsibility and he should be insured against any accidents.

Photographers will use Photoshop or other retouching software to clean up or 'improve' their pictures. This is fine for many pictures but it is also good to have some 'true' pictures on hand. This is something to discuss with the photographer.