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Modelling for high fashion magazines to advertise or illustrate articles.

Often thought of as a very glamorous area of modelling as indeed fashion and catwalk is. a lot of exposure can be gained for the model working in this category, being in print is important in a models career and gives 'tear sheets' (their picture ripped from the magazine to be used in their portfolios, more important than photographs!)

All aspects of fashion are covered and used for fashion magazines which could be commissioned for a particular magazine or for a designer to have pictures for their own advertising in the their own publications. Usually an MUA (make up artist) will be used to endure the model looks his/her best for the shoot.

These shoots could be for a particular garment or range of garments. Models do not need to be of a certain height they just need to meet the requirements for the shoot. If predetermined clothes then obviously the model does need to provide their own clothes but if for jewellery then they would be.

Being in print is something all models aspire to and is a very competitive market. Perseverance is required to succeed and to have a very strong look and professional outlook.