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Anything which is out of the ordinary such as Punk, Gothic, Trash, or has an Urban feel. Anything that doesn't really fit into any other category.

Punk is from the eighties music scene, which includes piercings, tattoos, and general casual wear from the era. It is often fashion with items worn that not normally go together or in unusual situations. This is often used in advertising to promote a company’s business or product and has become quite popular.

Gothic covers a wide range, usually black clothes, with dramatic black/red make up but can also be the mixing of colours in clothes and styles to give that different strange look. Often also the use of gothic props, medieval weapons etc.

Trash really speaks for itself, ripped jeans, offset clothes, really off the wall look.
Urban is about street wear, outdoor clothes often worn in a studio. Also used to show a model against architecture, modern or old situations. Mix and matching clothes in an artistic fashion.